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PayCorp is managed with a goup of industry experts from all sides. The core functions of the company are managed internally by highly trained individuals who have been with the company for over a decade along with outside award winning teams that facilitate the needs of the companies most valued assets, the customer. The company is highly efficient and strives towards perfection on an ongoing basis through automation. Data is the critical component to this organization and all key personnel work towards providing the information back to the clients in a user friendly fully accessible and transparent reporting engines.

PayCorp and its affiliated companies provide accurate payments on time with data reports to back up the settlements. The company is proud to be one of the most respected clearing houses in Canada and now has the capability of delivering any premium based solution to any service provider in North America, whether it be originating from a landline or mobile phone. From our Operations to our Finance team we can customize your solutions and maximize your returns. Call us today, and remember “Its Your Call”