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Frequently Asked Questions about PayCorp Business Services

Who is PayCorp?
PayCorp provides billing services primarily for communications companies. PayCorp neither sets the rates of the service charges that appear on an end-user bill, nor provide services to the end-user.

What is PayCorp’s function?
PayCorp’s primary function is to process billing transactions to either Local Telephone Companies or its direct billing platform. It then reconciles payments from these entities and handle’s any inquiries that arise as a result of the bill statements.

How can I contact the company that appears next to the "Billed on Behalf of" phrase on my Local phone bill or direct statement?
PayCorp customers have contracted with PayCorp to handle all end-user inquiry. Please contact our Customer Service department at (416) 601-9977 with any questions you might have and PayCorp will attempt to resolve the issue or concern you have. Be sure to have your name, phone number, and invoice number ready to give to Customer Service when you call.

How long does it take to complete the LEC billing implementation process?
Generally, from the time PayCorp receives all necessary paperwork from the service provider, the process takes approximately 60 days.

How often can I transmit billing records to PayCorp?
A service provider may transmit billing or credit transactions to PayCorp 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

What type of reporting will I receive from PayCorp?
PayCorp has a robust report management software program which enables service providers to generate/review a multitude of data. Please contact PayCorp for further information.